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my stage name country koos 51 years old and live in the Hague in 1983, I started singing in 1985, I continued as a duo with alfredo of founds in this same year I went perform with alfredo (as the flying dutch boys) on bingo nights at a technical school in 1993 was alfredo stop and I then went back as a solo artist in 2005, I thought it was just time for something else as a DJ at a radio treatments.Radio senior in that same year, 2005, I came into contact with country choir Shenandoah with this country choir we also regularly in nursing / nursing homes by this choir, I also acted switched to country but other music Did I like so I thought I sing just anything and what 2008 I went to senior radio off because of circumstances and weather continued in 2016 is country choir Shenandoah stopped and weather continued as a solo artist

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